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Your Consultant is RACHEAL WEISS

My Story

This is my 100% Scentsy story...
One day in the fall of 2013, my husband and I went to a local flea market called Peddlers Mall. We go to these types of places in our spare time to try and find hidden treasures. While browsing around my eye catches something purple (my favorite color) and I walk over to it. I pick it up and see it's something by a company called Scentsy. The packaging had stars, the package was oddly shaped (which intrigued me), and it was purple (things I love). As I read the label, I assumed the name of whatever this is was called "My Wish". I turn it over and it resembled an ice cube tray, but there was purple stuff in it. I figured out how to open it, and the scent was amazing! I remember my eyes widening, me making a gasping sound, and I said: "Rick, get over here!" (My husbands' name is Rick by the way.) He smelled it and had the same reaction as I did (well, he didn't gasp). It had a price tag of $4, so I said: "I don't know what this is, but I'm buying it!"

I get home and Googled "Scentsy" and found out that it was wax that you melt in a warmer. Luckily I already had a warmer at home but it was not Scentsy (you know the kind...The ones that get TOO HOT). I immediately took out my old wax and plopped in one of the Scentsy cubes. After just a couple minutes my home smelled amazing! Then about 30 minutes later the smell was gone and it was burning to the sides of the warmer I had (because of the high temperature). So I pulled up Google again and found out why it was doing it. So I went online and ordered my first Scentsy warmer. Within days it was at my door and I was SOOOO ready to plug that baby in and smell "My Wish" again! I then waited 30 minutes again, then an hour passed, and 3 hours passed and low and behold days passed and I could still smell that same cube in my warmer! Months passed and now I was out of My Wish! There were only a few people that sold it near me and I decided to read up on becoming a consultant... Months passed and I kept going back and forth about becoming a consultant.

I have been with Scentsy since February 2014, and what I love the most about it is how I get to meet new people and build new relationships! I can honestly say that love my job! Becoming a Scentsy Consultant has changed my life for the better! #scentsylife

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I'd LOVE to be your Scentsy Lady! ;)